WotR / Kings of War

War is coming... with new battle reports and armies on parade for Games Workshops, the War of the Ring.  I will be playing and posting more battle reports using both the War of the Rings rule set and the King of War, with amendments for the Lord of the Rings / Middle Earth.

Keep posted for armies on parade, battle reports and much, much more!

1. Mordor
Barad dur
Cirith Ungol Hunters
Cirith Ungol Tower Guard
Gorbags Morgul Rats
Gorgoroth Orc Horde
The Black Legion
Gothmogs Morannon Orcs
Minas Morgul
Dol Guldur
The Nine are Abroad
The Black Gate
Send all Legions Forth!
2. Isengard & Dunland
The fighting Uruk Hai
Sarumans Scouts
Ugluks Scouts
Mauhurs Boys
Grishnaks orcs
Vrasku's Crossbows
Warg Riders of Isengard
Uruk Hai siege warriors
Legions of the White Hand
Berserker Clan
The Wildmen of Dunland
3. Moria & Goblin Town
Goblin Host of Moria
Beasts of the Wild
The West Gate
The East Gate
Denizens of Moria
Dwellers Below
The Three Trolls (H)
Goblin Kings Horde (H)
4. Harad and Umbar
Suladans Host
Suladans Knights
Dalamyrs Corsairs (shrike crew)
The Corsair Fleet (full)
Golden army of Abrakhan
Swords of the Serpent Lord
Mumak War Herd
Host of Karna
Mahud Horde
5. Easterlings & Khand
Khamuls Easterlings
Army of Tset-Harbaor
Khandish Host
Mounted Might of the East
6. Azogs Hunters & Gundabad
Azogs Hunters (H)
Gandabad Legions (H)
Fimbuls Hunters (H)
Azog's Battle Host (H)
7. Angmar
Hordes of Angmar
Spirit Legion of Angmar
Burdhur Warhost
The Witch Kings Legion
The Spider Queen's Brood

1. Gondor & Fiefdoms
Faramirs Knights
Ithilien Guard
Defenders of Minas Tirith
EcthelionTower Guard
Garrison of Osgiliath
Swan Host of Dol Amroth
The Defenders of Pelargir
The Fiefdoms of Gondor
Army of the Dead/Dead of Dunharrow
Army of the High King of Numenor
2. Rohan
Theodens Royal Guard
Warriors of the Westfold
Riders of the Westfold
Eomer's Knights
Theodreds Guard
Host of the Hammerhand
Eorls Riders
Erkenbrands Red Shields
Riders of Snowborn
4. Dale & Lake Town
Warriors of Dale (H)
The City Guard of Lake Town (H)
The Survivors of Lake Town (H)
4.  Rivendel & Lindon
Rivendell Guardians
Muster of Rivendell
The Grey Havens
The Last Alliance
Elronds Mounted Guard (H)
5. Lothlorien
Lothlorien War host 
Defenders of Lothlorien
Haldirs War host
Haldirs Archers
The Galadhrim Guard
Knights of the Galadhrim
6. Mirkwood
Thranduils halls
Guardians of Mirkwood
Thranduils Palace Guard (H)
Mirkwood Rangers (H)
7. Durins Folk 
The Khazad Guard
Khazad Dum Battle Host
Drar's Wardens of the West Gate
Tunnel Rats
2nd Kingdom of Khazad Dum
Moria Expeditionaries
The Seven Kings
8. Army of Thror
The Hammer Guard (H)
Army of Erebor (H)
The King under the Mountain (H)
Thorin's Company (H)
Barrels out of Bonds (H)
Erebor Reclaimed
9. Arnor 
Army of the North
Grey Company
The Kings Guard
10. Shire
Muster of the Shire
The Decree of the King
Beating the Bounds (Shirrifs)
11. Wanders in the Wild
Last March of the Ents
The Wild Men of Druadan Forest 
The Eagles are coming
The White Council
The Wilds of Carrock (H)
The Wanderers in the Wild

The Fellowship
The Breaking of the Fellowship
The Three Hunters
Tom & Goldberry

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