Friday, 30 May 2014

WotR SBG - Round 2 battle - Arnor v Angmar

The stage was set - Sam's Angmar army had invaded North Downs on the boarder of the shire, forcing my main Arnorian army (1000 points of Grey Company) to step up and fight to rid the region of the orc scum!

Sam's force was circa 700 points so when the armies were laid out the odds did not look good for the evil army... 1000 points of Grey company is a lot of bows.

Angmar and Hunter Army

Angmar and Hunter Army

Angmar and Hunter Army

Rangers of Arnor

More Rangers and Rangers of the North

Lots of Rangers of the North with yet more rangers!

As defender I placed 2 x minor terrain pieces,
just inside my bow range to help me pick off the orcs as those that pass the climb test
and so will get shot 

The Grey Company army rolls so many dice each round and easily whittle down the orcs,
who are desperately trying to cross the open ground

Sam reflects on his dead pile, having still not reached my line

A few stragglers are picked off

Finally the lines collide, but it is clearly too little too late and the orcs are
quickly surrounded

More rangers try to get into the battle

But the orcs are destroyed and removed from play

Not much surprise really, the Grey Company decimated the evil army and sent them back to Mount Gundabad to reform and start a new, the area is (for now) clear of orcs and the Arnor can once again start to reclaim their homeland.

Next round Louis will be taking over the Angmar army.

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