Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Hobbit Batrep: A Good Day to Die!

"One small bite is enough to fill the stomach of a grown man."
Legolas, The Fellowship of the Ring, The Lord of The Rings

A Good Day to Die
With the fountain on Mount Freddo located, four armies prepare to fight for the spoils of war, a giant Freddo... Rohan, Dwarves, Castellans of Dol Guldur and Elves all enter the battle field ready to fight to the death.

This battle was to the death last army standing takes the prize.

Let battle commence!

The SBG Battle Field

Mount Freddo and the Chocolate bar

Rick's army, Castellans of Dol Guldur with a few Uruk Hai/Orcs
and the Shadow Lord deploy in one corner

My warband of kings Champion, Vault Wardens and Khazad Guard

Gimli and his warband of Vault Wardens and Khazad Guard

Lawrence and the Riders of Rohan deploy in another corner

I deploy in a defensive arc, bring it on!

The  Elves and Rohan/Woses deploy in the last corner

The Kings Champion view the Riders of Rohan ride forward

But the turn and charge straight at the Castellans of Dol Guldur

The Elves move forward to get in range for their bows

This forces me to shuffle a bit to face the elves

Using the scenery as added defense

The Shadow Lord watches the Riders charge towards him

...and starts to cast spells...

Eomer is dragged forward and promptly surrounded

Meanwhile the elves start to shoot at the dwarves

But they refuse to move

The Eomer fight was only going to go one way and he is slain

The Riders move forward, but only as few can reach the Castellans

Woses move round towards the objective

And the dwarves advance

The fight is on, Rohan slam into Rick's evil army

Amazingly a shield warden drops to elven bow fire

The Castellans look out numbered and surrounded

The battlefield so far

Rohan and Mordor fight it out

Mordor and the shadow lord

Dwarves march towards the objective and continue to soak up the elven bow fire

Charge again...

but a porr round leaves Rohan with a bloody nose and now they are on the ropes

The woses move

And make a dash for the objective

The Riders desperately try to salvage the fight

Elves and Woses advance

The Woses and Rohan foot are almost at the objective

The Dwarves push forward and prepare to face the Rohan foot

The charge bowls over the evil army, now to make it count

#BOSH - Lawrence fails to wound

Elves hold back and shoot

The evil army hold firm

The Shadow Lord moves forward

The last of the riders

A brave soul manages to muster the courage to stay and charge again

The Woses move back and hold back from the objective

The Dwarves reach the objective and spread out

The brave riders loses the fight...

...and dies!

The dwarves hold again as bow fire scatters into their ranks

With the Rohan Riders gone, Rick announces his hate for dwarves and starts his march to fight them

The Castellans reform and move forward

With two armies to face the Dwarves try to reform

But now the elves and Rohan foot move in

Gimli forms the defense and Vault Wardens start to line up

Meanwhile, The right flank try to get ready for Dan's Elves

CANT LEAVE A GAP, the Kings Champion moves in to bridge the gap

and the Vault Warden cover the rear

The Brave Elves edge forward forming an arc around the objective, and the dwarves 

The Kings Champion eyes the Shadow Lord and remembers what happened to Eomer

The dwarf flank is held by three Vault Warden teams

Dan uses Theoden to lead the attack on the Dwarf flank

Gimli moves to the rear

With the weight of numbers the Kings Champion is forced to break rank and help defend the flank

A Vault Warden team goes down to Theoden

Castellans of Dol Guldur and the Shadow Lord and now in charge range

The Kings Champion charges forward, but can't reach Theoden

Gimli and a Khazad also have to break rank to help out on the flank as the Elves arrive

About turn for the Vault Wardens as they are attacked from the rear by more elves

The dwarves are trapped, Castellans on one side, Elves on the other, both intent on killing the dwarves

The Dwarves push the Rohan foot back

The Rohan are wavering

But just as the dwarves start to hold off teh Elves and Rohan,
in come the Castellans, but Gimli and the Kings Champion spot an opportunity and kill the Shadow lord

The Dwarf army is completely surrounded

Shield n axes clatter, but the dwarves are still trapped

Rohan charge again, with Pippin leading the way

The elven spears are being held back, but for how long

The Castellans charge the rear of the Dwarves, as the Woses come from behind

It is looking bleak for the Dwarves, the Elves are still shooting 

Dwarf sandwich with no where to go 

Ghan Buri Ghan charges the Kings Champion (with the support of a Castellan) and wins,
The Kings Champion falls

Everyone for kill (of dwarves anyway)

Gimli and Ghan go head to head

The dwarves are broken and on their last legs

Gimli and Ghan both get support

A Khazad stops the Castellan from tag teaming Gimli as well

Haldir fires into the melee hoping to kill something

Gimli wins and Ghan Buri Ghan is killed

The Vault Teams refuse to die and keep the Elves at bay

Seriously outnumbered the dwarves are still the target of both armies

More fighting

Theoden and Pippin  face the dwarf wardens

and lose! but don't die 

The elves are pushing my Vault team back

and continue to re-engage

Theoden moves to the objective as his warriors surround two vault teams

oh dear, elves and Castellans on either side, the dwarves cannot hold on much longer

Dwarf spear dies

and are now holding on to the obective

but it seems in vain as they are promptly surrounded

Rohan foot move round to hold the objective

The Castellans move out of the fight as they are nearly exhausted and risk being removed

Gimli sneaks on the end and attacks Haldir

The elves jump a Castellan who remained too close

the dwarves hug the objective 

and win the fight, but no wounds

Gimli wins, but can't kill Haldir

Meanwhile the vault wardens are holding on for dear life

Haldir backs away again, but didn't die, the Castellans are wiped up by the Elves and Woses

With the end of the game, the elves move onto the objective

final score, Elves n Rohan n Woses 7 : 4 Dwarves (both other factions died)
Well done Dan a well played victory

Final Thoughts
I really enjoyed this battle, the dwarves were brilliant, but fighting two armies at once, was just too much and in the end the Elven contingent (with a little help from Mordor) won the day.  Vault wardens are for winners, but not today!
Man of the Match: Gimli Son of Gloin

Man of the Match
For me it had to be Gimli, he killed the Shadow Lord and managed to hold off Theoden and the Elven host, and ran around the battlefield defending the dwarf honour.

Gimli is always a go to figure in the dwarven army, and is a must for me every time.

He can have three attacks, throwing weapon and can even go two handed.

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  1. Hello :), I have a question, which colors did you use to paint that HE Spearmens? I need your scheme ;)

  2. Never seen a 4-way game before. looks like fun! definitely have to try it sometime.

  3. Thanks guys :-)

    We have a 9 player siege of Minas Tirith coming up next!
    @alex, the high elves were painted by Rick, so he would need to supply the paint scheme... I'll see if I can get it :-)