Friday, 7 April 2017

Hobbit Batrep Isengard v Galadhrim

"There is no curse in Elvish, Entish, or the tongues of Men for this treachery.”"
Treebeard The Two Towers, J.R.R. Tolkien's, The Lord of The Rings

Sam's duel game 2!
This is the second instalment of the double game played by Same Page. This time it was his Galadhrim army with Legolas, a storm caller Galdhrim Guard and a host of elves versus my Isengard berserker army, led by Vrasku and a berserker captain...

My Isengard Army

Sam deploys his first warband

I then deploy my warbands between his, I am trying to double team one of his warbands

The Galadhrim and Berserkers clash

My crossbows advance, there is no target for them to shoot at

Sam makes a break for the objective

Meanwhile, the elves pin my Berserkers against the side of the table trapping them

The Storm Caller looks like he is in trouble...

...but wins the fight and pushes the Berserkers back

Still little to see for the crossbows

The fight rages on

The elves are now trapped

Legolas joins the fight to try to turn the tide, he targets the Berserkers captain

Sam holds the objective in the centre of the table

The battle so far

The Berserkers manage to re-group

Some of my Berserkers move towards the objective

and my crossbows now have a target

The elven flank has failed, Legolas is all that stops me now

Berserkers running across the battlefield

Legolas takes on the Berserkers Captain

while the Berserkers mop up and trap the elves

Vrasku moves the crossbows forward - the objective must be taken for Saruman!

Sam's remaining elves move round to take on the crossbows

can the elves hold on a little longer?

The brawl

The fighting on the objective

Legolas is now in trouble

The objective is now in contention

Legolas still holding on

more Berserkers move across for the objective

There is everything to play for

Legolas will not die!

the Berserkers cut the elves down to size

now completely outnumbered the elves are done, game over.

A win to Berserkers Isengard 11 vs 0 Gladhrim

Final thoughts
Again, this was always going to be tough for Sam, playing two games simultaneously.  Divide and conquer seemed to win the day for the Beserkers - they had the numbers and strength to out fight the elves.  Legolas was a strong hero for the elves, but he wasn't enough to hold of the savagery of Isengard.
Good effort for Sam though, but two games and no wins, but both were fun


Man of the match

Man of the Match:
This was tough, nobody really stood out as being really good,

Legolas was a good hero for the elves, and tried to hold off the swarm of elves, but couldn't do enough to stop them, so he could have been in the running.

However, I think the being on the winning team and helping his side win the objective, the Man of the Match has to go to Vrasku, the Uruk Hai named crossbow captain - he timed his attack about right and managed to get a few shots in before a well timed charge to knock the Galdhrim off of the objective!

I hope you enjoyed it - please leave comments and feedback.

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