Thursday, 9 April 2015

Hobbit SBG - The Grey Company vs Harad

" A hunted man sometimes wearies of distrust and longs for friendship." 
J. R. R. Tolkien - The Lord Of The Rings

Catch the Pidgeon
So after a few weeks without a battle, Rick and I got together this weekend so that he could test his Harad army out... He has had some success with this army, but is building the army to test the best use of Harad. I fancied playing an Ent army, but with Rick wanting to practice this scenario, I opted for The Grey Company - led by Arathorn.

Rick set the battlefield up before I arrived for our 750 point battle...

The Hobbit SBG battlefield

The Centre Piece!

Rick's Harad Army

Umbar contingent

Harad deployment

The Grey Company deploy on one side of the board

With a small contingent ready to make the dash with the message on the other side of the board

Halbarad views the Harad Army

Arathorn calms the troops

My Rangers of the North heroic march across the table

Rick splits his force to close the gap on my messengers

Heroic march... heroic march, but the fell beast is closing in!

The Shadow Lord leaves his troops behind to try to intercept the rangers

Meanwhile 1/2 of Ricks army move behind a ridge to evade the Grey company bow fire

Unable to see the Harad army, I am forced to move

My army waits for the Harad troops to approach

A clumsy move sees the Shadow Lord jump on the messenger, with no support

Ricks troops run up behind

Rick checks the bow distance of the rangers

Meanwhile, having killed the messenger the Shadow Lord fights the remaining rangers

While the Umbar Corsair Reavers assist the Wraith

Time for the Grey Company to start to move together

My Arnor rangers with Halbarad, shuffle to their right

The Shadow Lord, moves away to allow his troops to mop up the rangers

The rangers fight for their lives

But there is no stopping the Harad on slaught

Fight to the death

The Shadow Lord regroups with his troops to discount my bow fire

The other 1/2 of Harad continue to hide behind the hill

A brave stand, but the rangers are killed

CHARGE! Harad break cover and charge at the Rangers

Despite the huge number of shots, the Shadow Lords special ability is preventing and arrows from hitting

Return fire kills a few rangers

Malbeth is positioned to help save some wounds

No targets to shoot the Harad Hoard advance

A Reaver follows behind and gives the rangers a decent target... and lots of in the ways

Harad reach the rangers flank

Fighting on the flank, the rangers continue to target the Fell beast

The Shadow Lord starts to take wounds

Full volley at the Wraith!

And he its enough to kill him! Time to mop up...

The Harad King pushes the flanking forward

The rangers are at risk of losing the flank

The lines clash and fighting begins

With everything to play for, my Ranger s of the North use everything to win the fight

Malbeth continues to save the day and the rangers surround Harad

The Harad flank seems to have fallen

and the rangers push towards the Harad messenger

The messenger falls

The last of the Harad army push forward to swing the battle into their favour

but hey are quickly over run

Hasharin fights to the death

The Harad dorce is dwindling, whilst the rangers are being saved by Malbeth

The Hasharin finally falls

The Grey Company push forward

Arathorn finally joins the fight

and heroic fights to kill more Harad

With Harad broken, the game ends, victory to
The Grey Company

Man of the Match: Malbeth the Seerer, his ability again was worth every penny

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