Thursday, 17 September 2015

Hobbit Batrep: Isengard v Woses

"Do you know how the orcs first came to be? They were Elves once taken by the Dark Lord tortured and mutilated. A ruined an terrible form of life, and now perfected. My fighting Uruk Hai."
Saruman, The Lord of The Rings

Wonderers in the Wild v Berserker Uruk Hai

This weeks battle saw me field a 750 point Berserker Uruk Hai army - a possible army for our clubs tournement in a few weeks Return to Rivenstead (Midsussexwargaming).  The army features a converted Uruk Hai berserker captain and troll made by Louis Jones.

Louis fielded his Woses army led by Treebeard and Thranduil.

Treebeard and Bull Roarer Took deploy behind the ruins

My Uruks deploy with crossbows in the centre and berserkers either side

Bersker Captain and Banner
(this should have been a scout banner, but I had to super glue him and used my troll to balance him...
this meant I forgot to deploy the troll!)

Vrasku and crossbow Uruks take centre field

Uruk Hai and Shaman in ruins, while woses and an ent line up opposite

Woses advance with Treebeard  to the barrier

Crossbows fire at Treebeard as they can't target the woses who are classed as having elven cloaks.

Uruk Hai shaman calls channeled fury and wait for the Ent

Woses run out on the flank and Treebeard steps over the barrier

Uruk Hai Berserkers spread out to engage the Ent

Uruk Hai arent scared of Woses blow pipes, even if they set up to fire next round!

Uruk Hai fail to beat Treebeard and he hurls the captain
back through the line of berserkers behind him

Uruk Hai surround the Ent, Lets get chopping!

The woses open fire and kill some Uruks.... time to charge

Bersrkers try their luck as Treebeard charges the banner

The Uruk Hai beat the Ent, but he still has a wound left,
 help has arrived to take the heat off

Crossbows target Treebeard

The Uruk Hai flank is faltering,
the shaman saves a few rolls, but will that be enough?!

There goes the banner and Treebeard s still unhurt
(although he has used some might that Alfred gave him at the start)

Remembering my troll, we agree to start him in the centre of the field,
but he is quickly surrounded by Thranduil and Woses, oh dear!

The Ent takes out more Uruk Hai

The other flank is holding of the woses

Taking a wound Treebeard charges a crossbow and is promptly surrounded

Meanwhile my Berserker troll holds off, whilst trapped, say good bye!

Thranduil makes short work of the Troll

Vrasku strike up and faces off Treebeard,
with a little help from his friends

And Treebeard is gone

Thranduil and Ghan-Buri-Ghan try to reach the last of the Uruk Hai,
but the game ends and we add up the scores

Berserker Uruk Hai 6 v 3 Wonderers in the Wild

Man of the match
Man of the Match:
This was tough, nobody really stood out as being really good,
the Shaman saved a few Uruk Hai and escaped being killed, even when hurled by the Ent, so he could have been in the running.

However, I think the accolade of Man of the Match has to go to Vrasku, the Uruk Hai named crossbow captain who eventually manage to kill Treebeard, even with his extra might from Alfred!

Thranduil, had he gotten in to the battle earlier and used his magic, may have been able to sway the game and win the title, but he didn't and so the Uruk Hai got the win and Man of the Match.

Final thoughts
I kicked myself when I realised that I hadn't deployed my troll... he was still holding my Uruk Hai scout banner where I had glued a piece back together. Maybe the start would have been a bit different, may be not, but the battering I took from the two ents would have been easier with a troll to aid me.  In the end, the troll came on too late and was in the wrong place and was immediately swamped and killed.

My crossbows were un-usable due to the woses being classed as having elven cloaks and behind a barrier.

Enjoyable battle and nice models, look out for my next battle report.

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