Friday, 30 October 2015

Hobbit SBG: Team Ravenhill v Sauron v Elves

"Will  you follow me, one last time?"
Thorin Oakenshield. The Battle of Five Arms, The Hobbit

This report saw Sam And I travelling to see Rick.  Sam took team Ravenhill, which comprised of Thorin, Kili, Fili, Tauriel and Bilbo.  I took Sauron and Rick took Gandalf the Grey, some Woses with Ghan buri Ghan and Haldir with some Galadhrim - 450 points each.

The Frodo was placed in the middle and each army started on their own token.  The points were 3 points for holding an enemy token, -1 for any of your own troops within 6 inches and kill points for generals. The game would end at a certain time, unless there was a clear victor.

The terrain was placed and the armies deployed... let battle commence!

Hobbit SBG battle field layout

My Army - Sauron the dark lord with the One Ring

Ricks army of Elves and Woses

Sam's team Ravenhill

Rick deployed on his token 

I deployed on my objective - just in view of Ricks Woses

Sam then deployed his hero team

I marched straight to Rick who managed to wound Sauron with bow fire from his Elves

Sam ran his hero army straight towards Sauron

Thorin leading the Dwarves

Rick sent woses into the woods to hide from my Sauron

While his elven bows shot at Sauron

Sneaky little elves's

Sam reaches my token

Whist Gandalf moves forward with the woses

Sam takes cover in the ruins

Rick emerges from the woods

Sauron chases two woses running for Sam's token

"CHARGE!" Thorin Oakenshield leads the charge against the woses

Rick brings his elves forward

Gandalf and the woses

Sams token claimed by the warrior of Druidan

But Sauron gives chase

Sauron, using magic to pull the Woses back to him

Kili nears the Woses

As Thorin and Tauriel follow

Haldir fires his bow

Kili wins the first fight

Kili then takes on Gandalf and Thorin and Kili join the fight

The full weight of Ricks army hits the Dwarves

Gandalf survives

MSWG dice

Thorin makes his way round

Everything to fight for!

Tauriel wins and Haldir is knocked over

Tauriel and Fili charge Gandalf

Ghan buri Ghan vs Fili - Fili is lost

Meanwhile Tauriel is mopping up

Elf vs Elves

And there is only every going to be one winner - Tauriel!

Ricks army is decimated, Haldir and Gandalf are slain as well as Thorin and Kili

Bilbo hides, right by the objective marker

Tauriel finishes off the last of  Ricks army

Woses can run, but can't hide

Tauriel is victorious, but now Sauron is returning to finish the job

Sauron v Tauriel 

Add Bilbo (but no ring)

Sauron wins and wound Tauriel , then moves in to the attack again

Bilbo finds the courage and re-charges Sauron

But they lose

Sauron moves back and casts spells on Tauriel 

Who again charges Sauron

That is the end, they both fall to Sauron and so ends the game, total wipe out and a victory for Mordor

Man of the Match

This was an easy choice, Sauron being the last man standing.  However he did stand up to everything that was thrown at him (well what was left!). I wanted to get stuck into the heart of battle, but got side tracked with the woses running around the woods.

Sauron is a beast - he has brilliant stats, and as he was wearing the One Ring, if he was killed I could re-roll to come back to life and continue with one wound!   I knew it would be tough facing Sams hero team as they had lots of might to strike up their fight value, win the fight and keep me from damaging them.

I guess my tactic paid off, let Sam and Rick fight it out and I would come in and mop up!

An expensive, but solid Sauron claims man of the match.

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