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Hobbit Batrep: Swan Host v Moria Goblins

"That is a fair lord and a great captain of men. If Gondor has such men still in these days of fading, great must have been its glory in the days of its rising."
Legolas, The Last Debate, The Lord of The Rings

The Swan Host of Dol Amroth vs The Moria Marauders 
This weeks battle saw Thomas Secomb travel to mine for a battle report. I fielded a fully mounted Dol Amroth army, led by Prince Imrahil,  with mounted Forlong the Fat and Knight Captain.  Tom led a Moria army with shaman, Buhrdur, Druzhag and other creatures of the deep including Wild warg, giant spiders and a host of goblins. Both armies were circa 750 points.

I hope you enjoy...

The Swan Host of Dol Amroth

Captain and 12 Dol Amroth Knights

Converted Forlong the Fat Mounted

Prince Imrahil and a warband of Dol Amroth Knights

The battlefield for our Hobbit SBG report

Buhrdur - Hill Troll Chieftain of Angmar

Giant spider

Giant spider

Troll, bat swarms and wild warg

Tom's host of Goblin Warriors from Moria

Deployment of Dol Amroth

Deployment of Moria

Dol Amroth roll priority and immediately ride around the edge of the board,
hoping to out flank the goblin horde

The rest of Dol Amroth edge forward

The goblins adjust and edge forward as well

Dol Amroth hold the ground

Tom uses his move to jump on the Dol Amroth Knights who are surprised by the movement range of the bats

But Dol Amroth win the fight and push the bats back

Dol Amroth priority again, and this time they charge the bats and goblins

Dol Amroth - Full charge... into the goblin lines

Prince Imrahil gets stuck in to combat

But the Dol Amroth did not expect Buhrdur and he manages to hurl the knights off of their horses,
 whilst one of the bats is slain

The centre of the battle field is locked in combat, two shaman casting fury saves

"WITHDRAW" Dol Amroth leave a vanguard and withdraw away from Buhrdur

The cave troll smashes Dol Amroth knights to the ground

Dol Amroth force the left flank in an effort to find a whole in the goblin defense

Forlong the Fat, Captain and Dol Amroth Knights fight against enraged Warg and horrid goblins

more Dol Amroth ride the to left flank

The cave troll and swarm of goblins seem to have taken the centre of the battle field, and Prince Imrahil, now on foot charges the goblin shaman

but there is fight left in the Dol Amroth knights yet

Dol Amroth clear the left flank

and try to support the centre. in an effort to save their Prince

Prince Imrahil takes on a bat swarm, who flew in to protect the shaman

Buhrdur comes in the combat again as the right flank starts to fall

Dol Amroth, having cleared the left, now set to charge the goblins

Imrahil is fighting hard and wounds the bat swarm

Dol Amroth are now starting to falter

Buhrdur, with a thirst for blood, charges at Prince Imrahil

Dol Amroth cannot get there in time to save their Prince and he is slain

"FORM UP" the captain rallies the men and prepares to re-engage the goblin army

The goblins are broken and so are Dol Amroth, both armies converge on the centre and fight on

Buhrdur rips through the Dol Amroth cavalry, hurling horse and rider

Dol Amroth stand firm

Dol Amroth Captain now stands against Buhrdur

The battle ends and it is a very close victory to Dol Amroth,
but with only 2 points in it, this could have easily gone either way

Final thoughts
Man of the Match: Buhrdur - Hill Troll Chieftain
This was a tough game for Dol Amroth, I know i charged them straight in, but I just wanted to see how they would perform... maybe next time i will chose my moment a bit better,  Dol Amroth are fun, and look very nice as a fully mounted army, I just need to get round to painting them all (even the foot troops).

I think i under estimated the goblins.  Tom is a very good player, but I did look at his army and think it would be easier then it was, lesson learnt!

Man of the Match 
Easy - Buhrdur - he easily ripped through the heart of Dol Amroth, killed Prince Imrahil and the Captain and would have completely decimated my army given another opportunity!  

A lovely model and hard as nails! And a worthy winner of the accolade of Man of the Match. 

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