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Hobbit Batrep: Isengard v Ravenhill v Elves

"So much death! What can men do against such reckless hate?"
King Theoden, The Two Towers, The Lord of The Rings

Last Man/Uruk standing
This latest installment was a battle report form a few weeks ago.  Each army was 450 points, with only one objective; last man standing wins.  Of course there was an agreement that all armies would advance and fight and not hide away until both other armies had killed each other (my normal Arnor tactic).

Rick's army - Galadhrim led by Haldir, Woses led by Ghan-buri-Ghan and Gandalf the Grey.

Sam's army - Team Raven Hill, Thorin Oakenshield, Kili, Fili, Biblo and Tauriel.

My army - Isengard Berserker army, with Troll, Captain and Shaman

Dice at the ready, it's time begin...

My Isengard Berserker Uruk Hai Army

Berserker Troll conversion and more Beserkers

Rick's Elves n Woses force led by Gandalf

Sam's Team Ravenhill, hiding in the woods

Priority Isengard and the Troll leads the advance

Rick's force advances to the centre also

Ravenhill dwarves charge forward

Isengard Shaman channels his fury spell

The Elves continue to advance

The troll gets excited and breaks rank!

and is promptly compelled and surrounded by elves and woses

The Beserkers are stunned at the trolls stupidity and cannot re-act in time to help

Haldir adn the elves make short work of the troll and he is slain straight away!

The Uruks spread out and prepare to engage the elves

Meanwhile - Thorin, Kili, Fili, Tauriel and Bilbo advance on the even flank

Finally the Bersker army charges in

Rick moves Gandalf to the rear and prepares to fight it out

CRASH - Team Ravenhill hit the Elven lines

Fili covering the flank for Bilbo, while Thorin and Tauriel attack

The elves break rank to fight the dwarves

Haldir is surrounded

Even Bilbo gets stuck in

Elves looking thin on the ground

Team Ravenhill are unstoppable

Tauriel v Woses

The elven flank is in trouble

Meanwhile the Uruk army is smashing the elven line

The Elves withdraw and the Uruk Hai reform centre!

Team Ravenhill continue to push the advantage, and give no quarter for the elves

Thorin and Bilbo clearing the galdhrim

while Tauriel, Kili and Fili take on a few woses

Not surprisingly Thorin wins... 

as do Kili, Fili and the she elf, Tauriel

Using the momentum, Team Ravenhill win priority and again attack the elven flank,
#and Tauriel manages to get it on Gandalf

THe elves charge the Uruk Hai in a last ditched effort to kill them

Gandalf holds on by the whiskers on his chin

but is soon swamped

Bilbo, is just too far for the Berserkers!

Team Ravenhill still unstoppable

Gandalf stands firm

and wins the fight 

Poor Bilbo, caught short is surrounded by 6 berserkers
Gandalf refuses to die

Kili and Fili reach the Uruk Hai

The Uruk Hai Berserkers make a dash for Gandalf and Thorin

Bilbo, against all the odds wins the fight and pushes the Uruks back

Gandalf and Thorin fight it out... 

...while Tauriel engages the Uruk Hai army

"You put your left leg in..." back in go the Uruk Hai

and again, Gandalf will not die!

While Tauriel beats the Uruk Hai

but fails to kill them

With the elves out of the fight, Team Ravenhill set to work on the Isengard Berserkers

Everything to fight for now

No, Bilblo didn't put the ring on, he is finally slain

Gandalf fires a cheeky scourers blast!

Thorin concerned for his kin, charges the Uruk Hai protecting Kili and Fili

but he is too late, both Kili and FIli fall to the might of the Uruks

But Thorin, is outnumber and quickly overwhelmed, ending his line 

Next up, Gandalf, who suffers a similar fate!

and is also slain

Last up, Tauriel... may the odds, be ever in her favour, or not in this case!

The Uruks engage her one at a time and try to technically trap her

But she is a beast and smashes the Uruk back

In the go again, all in this time

...but again she wins the fight

and kills the Shaman and an Uruk

Last few in, this time she must go down

But I don't think the Uruk Hai have met a she elf like Tauriel before!

Tauriel charges, but this time looses and dies, giving the victory to Isengard Berserker army

Final Thoughts
Man of the match:
I should have taken these to the tournament, the Uruk hai berserkers are awesome! However I haven't had time to paint for the last 6 months due to moving and renovation work in our new house, so they weren't an option.

Team Ravenhill, looked the part and played the part... at the end I was worried Tauriel would end up with a victory and wipe out my army, it was close, but we won!

Man of the Match
I thought about my troll... what a  waste of points!  This is simple, Tauriel is such a beast that she is hard to contain and kill.  She has won man of the math before, and again, she gets it here!  Well done to her.

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