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Hobbit Batrep: Harad vs Durins Folk

He was 'twitching' because he's got my axe EMBEDDED IN HIS NERVOUS SYSTEM! "
        Gimli at the battle for Helms Deep, The Two Towers, The Lord of the Rings

First of all apologise for the delay in this report, both Rick and I have been busy, and neither have been able to attend Midsussexwargaming club for a while, but we managed to sneak a little game in... and then I had quite a few things to deal with which got in the way,

The High Ground
having lost last time to my dwarves, Rick wanted a re-match (circa 750 points).  With a roll of the dice we decided the battle - The High Ground was chosen and so we then rolled to set up the scenery on the battle field in preparation for the battle.

I hope you enjoy the re-match!

Hobbit SBG Battle Field

Ricks started to deploy

Then he added his fell beast

Gimli hid behind a hill

Whilst the rest of the dwarf army formed a line 

The Hobbit SBG evil army

My Hobbit SBG Good army

both armies moved towards each other, the dwarves using the shields as cover

Rick used his Shadow Lord to try to sap will

Meanwhile my dwarves moved forward

with archers taking the high ground and getting in to position to shoot the evil flank

Rick, saw an opportunity and pounced the fell beast into both of the
Kings Champion Heralds.....

But, the dwarves survived and won priority,
the fearless Khazads promptly surrounded the Shadow Lord 

Several piercing and two handed strikes later,
the fell beast were gone.

but the shadow lord some how survived!

The evil army pushed forward

as did the dwarves

running back in to the Shadow lord

The Kings Champion and Heralds prepared for the evil charge

Rick moved his Harad archers (Watchers of Khana) forward to shoot at the dwarves

whilst his Corsair Reavers (with axes) moved to the right flank of the dwarves
Battle lines as the neared each other

The Shadow Lord still survived

Gimli led the charge against the Corsairs

and the lines clashed

As the Wraith is again charged

but this time is killed!

Hasharin, Captains and all battled along the line

The evil army and dwarves started to fight it out

The corsairs managed to break through

The Kings Champion pushed into the melee to hold the dwarf line

But still the Harad army came

But this time they were struggling against the dwarf heroes

Khazads rushed the flank of the Black Numenorians

Rick protected the Harad King....

But was forced to engage him in combat,
my flank was also struggling with the weight of his numbers

With the shield of the vault wardens falling,
 the spear foes were put to use supporting the Kings Champion

Task master, hasharin, and Carair captain took on the Kings Champion, Dwarf captain and Gimli!

The Khazad guard opened their ranks to allow their bows to fire on the Numenorians

Gimli vs the Harad Golden King

The dwarves and Harad are loosing troops

The King Champion won the fight and killed the Hasharin

Not waiting to get hit again the numenorians and Khazad guard fought it out in the road

Gimli charged the Golden king again

This time the Kings Champion charged and killed the Task Master

But the corsairs continued to push the advantage on the dwarf line

But with the numenorians taken out, the Khazad set to work on the Harad archers

Again Gimli charged the Golden King

And again he as pushed back... he just didn't want to die!

Both forces had taken heavy casualties, 

But, I had the objective and continued to target lone troops to pick off, adding pressure to the evil army

The Dwarf King also helped support the Khazad guard on the road

Gimli, with priority again charged the Golden King... maybe this time!?

The Golden King was finally killed... and Harad were set to topple

Next the Corsair captain was killed

And Ricks force was decimated

I still had the objective and won the game

Final score Dwarves 12 - 0 Harad 

Final Thoughts
A win for the good army 12 v 0. The evil army tried to take on the dwarves head to head, but ultimately the dwarves were just too strong to break through.... although it was a close call at one point.

It was close on the right flank between Harad and the Dwarves, but Gimli managed to hold on long enough for the Harad army to break and see them smashed apart by the Kings Champion.  The Khazad Guard were enough of a deterrent that the Black Numenorians were held back and never made it across the road.

This was another enjoyable game, I just can't wait for the next one!

Man of the match
Man of the Match: Kings Champion
For me it quite simply had to be the Kings Champion... ,

he took on everything he could, he killed the Hasharin, the Task Master and assisted in ensuring that the Golden King was finally killed, it didn't seem as though Gimli could quite manage it!  The banners were awesome too and added the much needed extra roles across most of my army.

What a battle!

Gimli also took the fight to the evil force, and racked a few kills.  Gimli was a not close second though but hr did manage to hold the right flank and stop the dwarves from being overwhelmed by harad on that side.

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  1. Your opponent was a fool of a took to wrecklessly throw his shadowlord into combat before lines clashed