Sunday, 4 September 2016

Hobbit Batrep: Arnor v Uruk Hail v Harad v Elves

"I gave you the chance of aiding me willingly, but you have elected the way of pain."
Saruman the White, The Lord of The Rings

Four-way fight!
Another battle at Ricks, this time it was a four way battle where Rick took Harad, Dan took Elves, Lawrence took Uruk Hai and I took my Arnor army,

Hope you enjoy...

Ricks Harad filth!

My Arnor army

Arvedui deployed between two buildings

Lawrence's Uruk Hai army deployed and started to march toward Rick...

Dan's elves edgde forward

Whilst Rick's Harad edged towards the elves

I decided to cover the spaces between the buildings

Arvedui and Malbeth the Seerer


The last King of Arnor

The Uruk Hai advanced - with the warg riders taking the centre.

Seeing an opportunity, I started to line some archers - rangers to face the Uruk Hai

The Rangers open fire on the Uruk hai

Rick's line holds firm

As two wargs are killed

Lawrence, turned his army to face my Arnor and lined his crossbows to return fire 

Arnor, moved to stop the crossbows from being able to hit, this is called a tactical with drawl...
or more commanly, running away!

The Uruk hai's took the bait and marched straight at the Arnor army 

This allowed my rangers to continue to have a target

Crossbows struggle to find a target

But are in position to fire next round

Arnor formed a huge circle to 'pounce' on the Uruk hai troops

Rick, who saw the Uruk Hai face the Arnor army, turned his army to face the elves,
and started to exchange fire

Dan, lined his elves up to face the Harad

Harad advanced further

Arnor prepare to swamp

But at the last second, the Uruk Hai withdrew,
having sensed that they would struggle to win against the numbers of the arnor

The Uruk Hai, used the buildings for cover from the rangers bow fire

The Uruk hai crossbows continue to fire, but have lost a few of them

Lawrence then charged his warg riders towards the elves...

Whilst Arnor reformed to cover the building gap

Wargs and elves engaged

Legolas is knocked prone

Arnor kept firing at the Uruk hai

And a third of the army moved off to take the objective from the Harad army

Arnor advanced further

The Uruk Hai paused not sure who to attack

The Elven cavalry started to move towards the warg riders

Elves v wargs

Finally, the Arnor and Uruk Hai clash

As the wargs are slowly wiped out
The Arnor took the upper hand and push the Uruk Hai back

But Lawrence was determined to take out the Arnor and advanced again
The Elves take out he last of the warg riders

Arnor press the advantage and surround the Uruk Hai

Arvedui charged the Shaman

The Uruk hai are struggling

And the last of them started to fall

Harad advance and took the centre, the Shadow Lord nullifying the elven and Arnor bow fire

Arnor kill the last of the Uruk hai

Next up the Elven cavalry reach the harad marker

The elves, continued their charge to reach the Harad at the centre of the battle field

Arnor sneaked up behind the fighting warriors

Harad on the hill

LURTZ, the last remaining Uruk Hai is surrounded and killed

Harad spread out to hold the hill

One of my rangers ran towards the vacant Uruk Hai marker/objective

The harad objective soon became a three way fight

Corsair captain fired his crossbow at Arnor ranger to stop him from reaching the objective

All out fighting for the objective

Black numenorean surrounded by Arnor

Arnor then lined up to take on the Harad army on the centre objective

Rick moves to take the Elven objective

While Arnor secure the objective from Harad

With the elves and Uruk Hai both killed, the battle ends.

Arnor 12 v 6 Harad

Final thoughts
Lawrence lost due to no clear direction, first he went after harad, then Arnor, then the Elves, then back to Arnor... then back to Harad.  This meant that he was spread too far and was wilted done.

Man of the Match:
Malbeth the Seer
Arnor did what arnor do best, hold and fire. This meant I had the numbers, plenty of bow fire and was able to advance on my terms.

Man of the Match
This was a tough decision... single hero stood out form the other,  but  I think that Malbeth the Seer would be a good contender due to the number of saves he did, keeping my troops in the fight and keeping my numbers high.

So for this fight, Malbeth is the man of the match.

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