Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Hobbit Batrep: Harad v Uruk Hai Berserkers

"We are the fighting Uruk Hai."
J.R.R. Tolkien's, The Lord of The Rings

Tournament Preparation
I don't seem to be able to get many games in recently, but Rick and I managed to get together to play a practice game for the up and coming Mid Sussex Wargamers 'Fireworks in Rivenstead' Click here for event pack. Any questions please email: midsussexwargamers@gmail.com or speak to Sam on our Facebook page.

Below is the battle field, the armies are ready, now to WAR!

The Hobbit SBG Battle field

Both armies deploy

The Shadow Lord is placed at the centre of his warband

Meanwhile the Uruk Hai deploy close by

Berserker Captain and troops

Rick deploys his Corsair reavers to trap my Uruk hai

Fearful of being caught up in the fight I decide to deploy my crossbows
with Vrasku on the flank

Immediately the Corsairs Charge, Risk has me trapped and fighting both the front and rear,
1st round and the Uruk Hai look like they are in trouble!

The Shadow lord advances picking on the Uruk Hai Shaman 'Sap will' is cast
and my shaman can no longer cast fury

My crossbows struggle to hit anything

But at least the Uruk hai captain can still out fight the Corsair Captain

The battle is tense with both side smashing each other, and casting 'THE BIG ONE' each round,
but with no 6's they are not cast!

The Uruk Hai are holding, but are struggling to stay alive,
the 2 attacks and piercing strikes are taking there toll

With little choice I throw my crossbows into the fight, hoping the numbers can sway the battle

The two captains continue to fight

The crossbows are helping the Uruk Hai regain some ground

Uruk Hai captain wins again...

and this time the corsair captain is killed

A good round of fighting for the Uruk Hai, and suddenly the flank with the crossbows is secure

The centre is not going so well...

This battle will be right down to the last man, or Uruk hai!

My crossbows charge again, hoping to keep the momentum

Meanwhile I use the opportunity to surround the task master

But amazingly he survives!

Both sides continue to take casualties

Not many left!

But the last round of fighting was enough to kill a few more of the Harad army and secure a win for Isengard!

Final thoughts
The Uruk hai Berserker army was tough... it simply refused to die.  The battles I won, I killed, but Rick struggled to keep killing the Uruk Hai when he won combat.  Ricks Harad army was strong, the Shadow Lord prevented and realistic crossbow shots, whilst his terror and the two attacks across the army meant it was a constant slog!

The Uruk Hai won simply because they are strong, fearless and have a great defense making them a formidable troop to fight against. 
Man of the Match: The Shadow Lord

Man of the Match
This was fairly straight forward.  The Shadow Lord was able to use his ability to stop my shooting, kept casting spells, sapped the will of my shaman and then killed the shaman.

.So for this fight, The Shadow Lord has to be the man of the match.

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