Sunday, 13 November 2016

Hobbit Batrep: Khazad n Woses v Isengard

"Kill Gorgun in woods, hate orc-folk. You hate gorgun too? We help as we can. Wild men have long ears and long eyes; know all paths."
Ghan Bui Ghan The return of the King, The Lord of The Rings

This week I traveled to Eastbourne to visit Martin, who I met a few weeks earlier and battled at Warhammer World in the Hobbit Doubles tournament.

I took an army consisting of Khazad Gaurds led by Gimli and a dwarf king, Woses with Ghan Buri Ghan, Bullroarer Took and a cheesy Malbeth the Seerer.  Martin took 750 points of Uruk Hai berserker's led by Saruman, Vrasku, Shaman, with pike support and crossbows!

We deployed and set the troops up... hope you enjoy!

I deployed my Khazad's and Woses with an unwelcome Grima Worntongue in their midst

Malbeth took cover in the ruins whilst the woses found high ground to fire at the Uruk Hai

The rest of my army formed a battle line to face the Uruks

Martin's Uruk Hai looked formidable with berserkers at the front, pikes behind, crossbows on the flank
and Saruman mounted !

Vrasku and his warband of Uruk Hai crossbows take flank

With the troops deployed, this was the battlefield from above

Gimli led the advance, and his Khazad's spread out
ready to form up with the woses as spear support

Grima Wormtongue stayed as close as possible to Gimli

Malbeth moved from the ruins to support the flank with the crossbows,
risking his own life to support the attacks on the khazads

Martin also advanced and the lines clashed,
Saruman started off by casting sorcerers blast and knocked my khazads over.

Martins elite uruks moved forward to ;pounce on the dwarves if he won priority

Saruman the White on his horse lurked near my front line ready to cast 

Martin advanced his crossbows as there were no targets to hit

Winning priority I was able to get my dwarves up and charge the Uruk Hai berserkers.

All along the line, both sides clashed

Even Martins crossbows got stuck in the help sway the battle
The evil army took a few casualties as did the dwarves

Meanwhile on the flank, the evil army seem to be getting the upper hand

Vrasku and his crossbows slammed into the woses

The evil army had the woses on the back foot

The fighting was getting intense and both armies looked to hold their lines

The dwarf king, surrounded, looks in trouble

Vrasku and his support was simply too much, with too many dice the King was slain.

I was forced to move Malbeth in to a defensive circle,
to try to protect him from the advance mass of uruk Hai

My army on the other side of the line faired much better and were able to start to sweep around the rear,
conscious that time was of the essence

Bullroarer took decided enough was enough and charged in to help balance the odds

Now Gimli was able to come in behind the Uruk hai and press the numbers advantage

The rest of my army fell into place to support the others

Malbeth was still not safe though as a number of berserkers advanced towards him

Saruman also decided that every man counted and charged a wose 

The tide seemed to have swung from the uruks to the good army

The Uruk Hai army looked in trouble for the first time in the game

I sent Bullroarer to protect Malbeth from Saruman, but the uruk hai army looked beaten

Saruman, still on his mount

The last few Uruk hai, surrounded were falling like flies

With priority to me, I swamped Saruman

Everyone else surrounded Vrasku and the last of the Uruk Hai

Final thoughts
Unlucky Martin, the Uruk hai looked formidable, and started off giving the dwarves a real run for their money, but the number of troops, the high defense and the occasional save from Malbeth helped sway the win to the army of good. 

Man of the Match:
Malbeth the Seer
The Khazads supported by woses were a brilliant combination.  With the woses hating orc kind, elven cloaks and spears, they were able to give the added support dwarves often lack.

Man of the Match
Again, this was a tough decision...

...the heroes were all OK, but none stood out as better than the others, but I think that Malbeth the Seer has to take the accolade again, as he was able to keep troops from being killed due to the number of saves he did, keeping my troops in the fight and keeping my numbers high.

So for this fight, Malbeth is the man of the match.

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