Sunday, 27 November 2016

Hobbit batrep: Arnor v Morannon v Shire Woses.

"You did not seriously think that a Hobbit could contend with the will of Sauron, there are none that can."
Saruman the White, The Two Towers, The Lord of The Rings

Three way battle, Arnor, Morannon Orcs and Shire/Woses.
After the previous battle with Martin, it was time for us to have a three way battle. Martin v Me v

Martin took his morranon army, I took Luke's shire force and Luke too my trusted Arnor army, each army was 500 points.  The scenario was simple, the player with the most figures within 6 inches of the centre would win. The game would end when an army was reduced to 25%.

Martin's Morannon orc horde deployed on his side of the board and moved on 6 inches

Once my Shire army (Hobbits and Woses) had deployed,
Luke set about deploying the Arnor army

I moved my Hobbits forward to gain a good position and be ready to throw stones

My archers move into position, covering the centre of the field

Meanwhile, my woses line the wall and militia cover the flank with the morannon orcs

Luke moved forward with Arnor next,
dividing his army into two to face both the orc rabble and the shire force

Arnor use the trees to avoid the shire bow fire

Martin lines the wall and prepares to repel the Arnorian warriors

whilst the rest of the orcs surge through the ruins

My hobbits pick targets with the Arnor rangers

The fight at the wall started, with the orcs defending

Slowly the hobbits emerge from the trees, ready to out flank the Arnor warriors

The archers take two casualties from the ranger return fire

While the woses are poised to engage

My flanking militia seem to do the trick and the orcs change course
leave the side of the ruins to head through the centre

Three side about to collide

To my surprise, Luke starts to spread out with the Arnor troops, breaking the shield wall

The orcs are winning on the wall

and the centre, although held by the Arnor, looks vulnerably spread out

Mordor strike the Arnor flank

and beat back the Arnor warriors at the wall

Suddenly Arnor look outnumbered and in a little trouble

Malbeth moves to try to be in a good position to save some men from death

The morannon pure over the wall and Luke tries to regroup

The fight is intense

Not wanting to be out done, the shire surge... I mean edge forward,
4 painful inches at a time

But clearing the wall the hobbits charge the armoured orcs

But Arnor, take the initiative and charge the hobbits, outnumbering the little folk

The hobbits are struggling to kill the orcs

Saruman and the woses charge in to combat trying to turn the tide

Along with a cheeky sourcers blast!

But the high defense of the Arnor keeps them alive

The Arnor, fighting on two sides are struggling, but the hobbits are also in trouble

The orcs, seemingly unstoppable plough through everything they see 

Fighting on all fronts

Lukes troops are spread too thin and his vanguard
are trying to keep off the orcs from attacking his rear

My archers join the skirmish 

Who will win, hobbits or men!?

THe orcs, ;looking strong, reform a defensive wall

But Arnor, spread too thinly start to fall

The orcs over run the side and look towards the objective

Now the rear has fallen, the orcs there form a battle line and move for the objective

The woses try to stop them, but simply are not strong enough to kill the orcs and their heavy armour 

A last ditch effort by my hobbit and woses to kill a few more orcs...

as Arnor are brought to an end and are killed off - and so the game ends....

The game was very close, but the hobbits narrowly won 16 v 12

Final thoughts
The morannon orcs were awesome, strong, high defense and with a shaman were almost unstoppable.  Luke didn't utilise the shield wall with the Arnor to keep them together and strong and he divided his troops, meaning that they were much easier to pick off.  I have never played hobbits before, and they took a little getting used to, loosing so many, but still outnumbering your opponent!

Maybe I should get my Morannon army out....?

A fun game, with good company.

 Man of the Match: Saruman  the White

Man of the Match
This was a tough decision...

...again no single hero stood out from the other, Malbeth the Seer would be a good contender due to the number of saves he did, but he didn't perform as well as he usually does.  

So this week the accolade has to go to Saruman the White,, he kept the Hobbits in teh fight, cast spells and was a general pain to the other armies, but also was able to get stuck in when the time was right.

Saruman is the man of the match.

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  1. Hello, great match and wonderful models/scenery. I am curious as to where you get your trees from? They look quite good.

  2. Brilliant. Thanks for taking the time to document it.