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Hobbit Batrep :Angmar v Gondor v Durins Folk

"One does not simply walk into Mordor.
Its Black Gates are guarded by more than just Orcs. There is evil there that does not sleep, and the Great Eye is ever watchful. It is a barren wasteland, riddled with fire and ash and dust, the very air you breathe is a poisonous fume. Not with ten thousand men could you do this. It is folly. ."
Boromir, The Fellowship of the Ring, The Lord of The Rings

Gondor v Angmar v Durins Folk
Some time at the end of last year, Sam, Rick and I got together to have a battle.  It ended up a three way battle, I took my monster Angmar army, led by the Witch king, with a Cave Drake, Buhrdur, Shade and some cave trolls.

Sam took his trusted Durins folk army, with Gimli, Gandalf, Kings Champion, shield wardens and a myriad of dwarves.

Rick, took Boromir with citadel guard... erm woses and rangers.

The objective a hill in the centre of the battlefield - 1 point per figure within 6 inches.

Who will win the battle.... 

My Angmar army

The Witch King on Fellbeast

Buhrdur leading two cave trolls

My Cave Drake

a single orc tracker (I had some points left over)!

A shade

Ricks Gondor Army

With elite troops...

...and woses!

A whole warband.

First round after deployment and Sam used sourcers blast
to bowl a cave troll in to the other trolls, knocking them prone.

Meanwhile my cave drake advanced towards the other armies through the woods

Ricks Elite Gondor, with Boromir deployed away from all the combat... apparently he had a plan!

The rest of Ricks Army deployed right next to Gandalf...

Sam was forced to deploy with Dwarf army together on the flank of the Gondor army

Gandalf, winning priority was able to move out of the way of the Gondor army

And the lines clashed - dwarves and woses battle it out

Rick moved his rangers to try to target Gandalf

and moved some of his warriors of Minas Tirith in to engage the trolls

The woses doubled up with their spears to try to even the odds

Ghan Buri Ghan gets a cheeky boost from Alfred... 

Sam charged Gimli into the woses and Ghan

and wins the combat

My trolls and the Gondorians clash

who will win?

Rick sends in some of his rangers to support the woses,
but it could be too little to fight of the might of Durins Folk

Enter the Kings Champion, straight into Pipin

Ricks banner man adds support against the trolls

The woses take casualties

and are forced back

The vault wardens create an iron wall

My trolls start bowling

The Dwarves push the advantage on the woses, cutting through them with ease

The rangers are also struggling

The Witch King joins the fight with the trolls, Gondor look like they are in trouble

Cirion v the Witch King

Gimli and the Kings Champion team up to squash a wose


The woses are looking in real trouble

Sam moved his dwarves to mop up the rangers too

Back to the trolls

and enter the Cave Drake

Cirion also has to deal with Buhrdur and is trapped...

Sam, still cutting through Ricks softer part of the army targets Alfred

and the rest of the army

Now his mind turns to the objective

But Cirion, is slain

Along with his Citadel guard

Spotting Ricks 'Plan' I turned my army to the objective in the centre of the field

Boromir claims the objective and starts to spread out to claim maximum points
Sam moves towards the objective too

My cave drake looks at the Gondorians

and the Witch King moves in to support

Sam takes the opportunity to kill a few stragglers 

with Ricks Army broken  - the game ends...
his plan was to take the objective, use his soft troops to be broken and win the battle...
well done Gondor 14 v Angmar 3 v Durins Folk 3

With time to spare - we played on -to the last man, dwarf or beast standing wins!

and so my bowling continued, but the high defense minimised the kill power

My monster team rush in to kill the Gondorians

But Boromir pounces on a cave troll and wins the fight

Killing him immediately 

Buhrdur, enraged hurls another warrior at Boromir

The monster Angmar army rush Boromir

win the fight...

and kill him

Gondor are spent, the last few warriors are smashed

Sam forms a line of dwarves

The Witch king and Gandalf fight it out

While the Cave Drake and Kings Champion battle

The Kings Champion is slain

But Gandalf beats the Witch King back

Sams Iron Guard successfully threw an axe at the cave troll, on his last wound...

and kills it!

The witch King was forced to move away - he was very low on will
The dwarves rushed in again

The trapped cave drake strikes out

and knocks over all the dwarves

The battle raged on...

but the cave drake could not hold up to the onslaught of the dwarves

my Angmar army withdraws

Fighting as it went

Buhrdur rended Gimli

Killing him, but is still outnumbered

a hurl to clear the dwarves out makes some room

But it was all too much - both the shade and Buhrdur are killed, the dwarves finish as victors, having charged the Witch King in to battle with his last will point.

Final thoughts

Well done Rick... he remembered the objective and played the game well, we soaked up his soft troops, broke him and handed him the game.  

The second half was really just Angmar v Durins Folk, but this just showed how hardy they are, the slowly beat the monsters down and used their numbers and high defence to be an unstoppable army.

A good game of two halves.

Man of the Match
Ginmli Son of Gloin
Man of the Match

This was quite clear, Gimli son of Gloin was a beast in this battle, he smashed through the woses, Gondorians, killed the cave drake and really made it a slog to try to stand up against him....

So for this fight, Gimli simply has to be the man of the match.

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