Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Tale of Many Painters - Azogs Hunters (Month 1)

"Attack them now... Kill the Dwarf filth while they sleep."
Narzug, Outside Beorn's house,  The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug

The Hunter Orcs of Middle Earth are a ruthless band of Orcs who serve Azog the Pale Orc and followed Fimbul and Yazneg. The Hunter Orcs that roam the lands east of The Misty Mountains are a particularly aggressive kind of Orc, they are wild hunters who don't really mind much what prey they're after, be it Hobbits, animals, men... they're not picky eaters. 

Mounted on hoards of vicious Gundabad or Fell Wargs, they can quickly cover and control large territories. The hunter orcs do not speak common tongue but they speak an ancient orc language. Indicating they are proud of being orc and despise man. The fast-moving and fanatical Hunter Orcs serve as the right hand of Azog, a relentless band who will stop at nothing to slay his quarry.

Below is my progress for month 1 - to complete a full warband and hero to lead them.  I have painted 12 hunter orcs on foot and converted a mounted Narzug to lead them.

Here are my progress pictures.

Next - Azog foot and mounted and another 12 hunter orcs!

Follow the other participants of the Tale of many Painters 2017 at Midsussexwargaming.

The Tale of Many Gamers:

Over the course of the next 6 months participants shall build and paint a new army totaling approximately 1000 points, they will be required to complete new models each month and using their army in tabletop skirmishes as the months progress. 

Players will be awarded points for playing in these battles, completing their selections and completing other tasks related to their armies. 

Building your army 
Month 1 - One Warband (Hero and 12 infantry models/ 6 Cavalry Models)
Month 2 - Expand your army to 400 points 
Month 3 - One Warband (Hero and 12 infantry models/ 6 Cavalry Models) 
Month 4 - Expand your army to 750 points 
Month 5 - One Warband (Hero and 12 infantry models/ 6 Cavalry Models)
Month 6 - Upgrade your army to 1000 points Engaging the enemy At certain points along the course of the building up your forces you will be required to play games against your fellow participants.

These games will be played at the club and while are not mandatory are part of the spirit of the tournament and as such will be included in the points system for the tournament. 

Points system: 
1 point for painting per month 
1 point for basing per month 
1 point for playing a battle
2 points for winning a battle (Battles will be every other month) 
5 points for having a fully painted and based 1000 point army.

Sam P - Azog's Legion 
Tom S - Isenguard 
Kieran S - TBC 
James G - Fiefdoms 
Chris D - Survivors of Laketown and Mirkwood 
Leonardis - Azog's Hunters

Keep an eye on the Midsussexwargaming blog for status updates as the participants start to build and paint their armies.

We welcome anyone interested in playing The Hobbit SBG, Lotr SBG, WotR or any warhammer/40K battle - why not let us know so that we can arrange some starter battles, like the one above, or if you/your club want to challenge us. We have all the LOTR/Hobbit SBG figures and LOTR scenery from the Mines of Moria to the siege of Helms Deep, snow fields to desert boards ready and waiting.  

Why not join our watch list for updates and look out for Easters weekend battle event... two days of fighting in the ruins of Osgiliath, Helms Deep and Far Harad, you cannot afford to miss it.

Feel free to email us to come along or arrange a game.

Mid Sussex War Gaming club
East Grinsteaad


  1. They look fantastic!!!
    Awesome work!

  2. Great looking paintjob - nice muted colours and the bases fit perfectly! The only thing I'd change is your Narzug on foot - his "bow" seems to be bent away from him. Have you tried to heat it up and bend it into shape? Should still be possible without ruining the paintjob.