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Hobbit Batrep: Galadhrim v Isengard

"May you appear where you are most needed, and least expected."
Thranduil, The Elven King - The Hobbit,  J.R.R. Tolkien

Battle of the Sindar (Battle 1)
Last year I traveled to Eastbourne to visit Martin and we were able to get a couple of battles in. The first was my wood elf/Galadhrim army with Thranduil, Legolas and a host of elves.  Martin took Isengard, with Crossbows, Saruman, Berserkers and a mass of Uruk Hai...

The hill in the middle was the objective, with each model in base contact scoring a point. Hope you like the report!

Thranduil leads his warband of elves

Legolas with Galadhrim

Galadriel with another elven warband

Rumil with the last wood elf warband

Saruman, Leader of the Isengard army

Vrasku, with 12 crossbow Uruk Hai

Shaman, with berskers and Feral Uruk hai

Lurtz and Uruk Hai

The battle field

And the objective... the green hill

Martin deployed 1/2 his army on the hill 

and the other 1/2 int he ruins

I deployed Galadriel in the centre, hoping to utilise her blinding light

Rumil on the left, using the walls as a defensive boundary 

after avoiding the crossbows of the Uruk hai, I charged my first war band on to the hill
and defended the counter attack on to the walls, my wood elf archers  targeted the cross bows, who had come over to support

Some Uruk Hai made it over the wall and threaten to drive me back,
but Thranduil had successfully called Natures Wrath and most of the Uruk Hai on the hill were knocked prone

The Galadhrim charged the Uruk hai to make the most of the opportunity

Whilst the remaining wood elf archers joined the fray to even the numbers against the crossbows

there was now everything to fight for!

but with the higer number and the Uruk Hai army broken, the Galadhrim army won.

Galadhrim 23 v 9 Isengard

Final thoughts
Martin lost due to a very timely natures wrath and the high fight of the elves.  The crossbows also struggled to find targets as there were trees blocking their view for a lot of the fighting.

Saruman, cast a few spells, but was being hounded by the wood elf archers and had to stay out of the way, especially after he lost his horse!

Man of the Match: Thranduil
Great match and a well deserved win for the Elves.

Man of the Match
Always a tough decision...

...and again no single hero stood out from the other,  but Thranduils Natures Wrath turned the tide for the Elves, so this battles man of the Match has to go the the Elven king, Thranduil.

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