Sunday, 19 February 2017

Hobbit Batrep: Galadhrim v Morannon Orcs

"This is Nenya, the Ring of Adamant. And I am it's keeper.."
Galadriel, The Fellowship of the Ring, The Lord of The Rings

Battle 2

Following on from the last battle, Martin wanted to try out his Mordor army... this was lead by the Shadow Lord, Gothmog and a mass of Marannon orcs... heavy armour and an ideal army to fight against a wood elf/Galadhrim army.  I didn't hold much hope of a victory!

Hope you like this second of the battles using my Galadhrim against Martin.

Deployment, and the realisaton that the wood elves were outnumbered
and pretty much unable to effectively shoot at the orcs!

The Shadow Lord, protecting the orcs, so now I need 6 to hit, and 6 to wound... oh dear!

My elves hide behind a wall, hoping for some protection

The Troll and Gothmog smash into my flank, my Galadhrim try to charge in

The lines clash... so many orcs... so much armour... 

Straight away it was clear that I was on the back foot... if I won a fight, I couldn't wound,
but my wood elves and Galadhrim were dropping quickly

The relentless advance of the orcs

Gothmog and the troll still hold the flank

Eventually my elves slay the troll, Rumil showing the way

Unfortunately this just meant more Morannon orcs flooding the elves

The Orcs heavily outnumber the elves

on my other flank, I am struggling also, the number and armour of the orcs again is just too much

Rumil is knocked prone

The last of my elves hold the bottom of the board... 

All seems lost

Gulp... I don't think I can recover from this!

More orcs move in, sweeping Rumil out of the way

Galadriel tries to help, but it is too little too late

Thranduil has a last ditch effort to hold the orcs

My elves disappear, hopefully going to the Havens... 

End result a victory to Mordor
Mordor 10 v 6 Galdhrim

Final thoughts
I didn't hold much hope for beating this Morannon army. The Shadow Lord meant that my bows were needing 6 to hit, then the Morannon armour meant I needed 6 to kill... tough for anyone, even elves.

In close combat, the orcs were tough too, they killed so much easier than the elves, so this meant that if I won a fight I struggled to kill, but every time I lost... an elf died.

The Mordor Morannon Orcs are pretty awesome for what they cost, I think I need to dig mine out of the loft!

Man of the Match
Man of the Match - Gothmog
This was easy. Gothmog was a beast, every time I used might to fight the troll, Gothmog got it for free.  He was a real pain, and ended up killing Rumil and many other elves.  

Played well Gothmog is a very good hero, and Martin played him well.  Good game, just a little one sided!

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