Friday, 24 March 2017

Hobbit Batrep: Gondor v Morannon Orcs

"The Age of Men is over. The Time of the Orc has come."
Gothmog to his army in The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King.

For Gondor!
This months battle saw Rick using his new battle mat, decorated with the Gondor houses he made for me a few years ago. He fielded a Gondor army, led by mounted Boromir while I had a Mordor (Morannon army) with Gothmog and a Troll Chieftain.

Gondor Town - The first Siege of Osgiliath

Gondor deploys

Objective markers on Minas Tirith board

Mounted Gondor, deploy behind the fountain guard

Mordor deploy next with Troll Chieftain and Morannon orcs

Another warband of Marannon

Mordor advance to the objectives

Gondor edge forward and fire a few bow shots

Enter Boromir's warband

Gondor move slowly forward

Finally the armies meet

The cavalry are caught at the rear and struggle to find space to charge Mordor

Faramir, leads the knights round the Gondor line

My troll cheiftain, seeing the threat removes Faramir from his horse

The troll Chieftain is making short work of the mounted Gondor troops

Boromir, sensing the danger moves up the the left flank

The troll Chieftain clears the way for more Morannon orcs

Gothmog, still in the middle of the fight 

The battle field so far, with Gondor keep Osgiliath?

Gondor rally! but the Troll Chieftain, charges Boromir

Gondor are starting to pull back

Bormir and the troll head-to-head, meanwhile Gothmog is now without a warg!

Boromir is forced back

The looming troll

Shaman and banner hug the back of the line, re-rolls and fury saves

Gondor are wavering

Gondor, struggle to hold and have all but lost

The last of the warriors of Minas Tirith hold the line

Gothmog, in the midst of the battle

Morannon Orc on an objective

Morannon Orc on an objective

2 xMorannon Orcs on an objective

With Gondor down to 25%, the game still called

Win to Mordor 5 - 0 Gondor

Final thoughts
This was always going to be tough for Gondor to beat the Morannon army, Boromir unfortunately couldn't swing the tide in favour of the men. The Morannon troops are very tough and are a match for most armies, so when faced with the men of Minas Tirith, it was only going to go one way. 

Man of the Match
Man of the Match - Gothmog
This was easy,  Gothmog was a again able to use might form other heroes to boost his own fights and was able to hold the centre of the battle field

The Troll Chieftain was also a very good choice, hold Boromir on the edge of the fight and holding the flank for Mordor.  

This was a fun battle, with nice figures, scenery and gaming mat.

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