Saturday, 8 November 2014

Armies on Parade - The Three Hunters

"Let's Hunt some orc!"

So after inspiration from GBHL James and his Three Hunters, I decided to dig out my Three Hunters and paint these beautiful metal models.  I have wanted to do them for a while and managed to complete them in a day.

I hope you enjoy them and look out for more Armies on Parade and Work in progress as I set to blast through all my figures and get them painted up.

The Three Hunters

View from Above

Gimli - Three Hunters (near Uruk Hai Legs)

Aragorn - Three Hunters 

Legolas - Burning Uruk Hai Scouts

Pile of Burning Uruk Hai, head on Rohan spear

Hunters rear

Aragorn with bow

Aragorn rear

Aragorn action pose

Legolas with bow

Legolas rear

Legolas Action pose

Gimli with axes

Gimli rear

Gimli action pose

The Three Hunters from The Two Towers

Aragorn, Legolas and Gimli with pile of Dead Uruk Hai

LOTR/HOBBIT SBG - The Three Hunters

Look out for the links to the armies for the full list of players and contributors to the armies of Middle Earth:

 Mid Sussex War Gaming Club.

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