Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Battle Companies - Crew of the Drake battle 1

"The black sails of the Corsairs... The Corsairs are here, the Corsairs are here!"
 Return of the King, The Lord of The Rings

Fear, Fire, Foe
With the war of Umbar raging on, Sulez is appointed Captain of the Drake and tasked to build a crew fit to serve the Fleet Master and be ready for the next campaign.  

Set on pillaging the coast of Gondor and the Fiefdoms, Sulez sets sail on the Drake.  With a small crew of cut throats and vagabonds from Umbar's slums - he is seeking his revenge on the arrogant and vain kingdom of Gondor, for the murder of his family in the sacking of Harondor...

...after that, the temptation of acquiring his own fleet is in the back of his mind, but for now - the Battle Companies campaign begins...

First, Sulez sails to the Greyflood River on the coast of Minhriath to test his warriors, gain experience and gather some gold, and finds a Dunlending town ripe for the picking.

Captain Sulez with his Bo'son and crew aboard the Drake

The Corsairs of Umbar - Crew of the Drake

The Corsair ship the Drake and Crew spot a town on the coast of xxxxxx,
needing supplies they set ashore and begin their attack

But before they land, they are spotted and the alarm raised

The Corsair Battle Company spread out and prepare to raise the town to the ground

5 houses to destroy and a small band of warriors to defend the town

"Take cover" The towns guard sneak behind their houses ready to attack

Captain Sulez leads the attack

and the defenders archer takes pot shots


The Corsair archer returns fire

The Drakes decks are cleared and ready for the loot!

But the defenders rush to stop the fire 

sneaky, the defenders split and prepare to attack from both sides

but my archers see them and open fire

with their cover blown and the building alight the defenders run forward

The fight is on, and the Corsairs are trapped 

Everyone to their aid, this fight is about to get going

The thick of it

But eventually the corsairs win and kill several Dundelings

Broken the Dundelings run, but are chased down by the crew

out numbered... 

it's all over

One last fight...

holding on against all the odds

But victory to the corsairs
Before the Crew had time to celebrate their victory, the raised alarm had alerted the nearby hunting party from the town and Sulez was forced to use the fog to escape and take cover on foot and leave his ship so that he could face the returning defenders and fight their way out with the loot.  The next battle will once again see the Corsairs face the Dundelings in a grudge match... but who will win?

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