Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Hobbit: Batrep - Ring of Power

"Three Rings for the Elven-kings under the sky, Seven for the Dwarf-lords in their halls of stone, Nine for Mortal Men doomed to die."
J.R.R. Tolkien's, epigraph to The Lord of The Rings

A ring of power has been found, the race is on. Men, Elves and Uruks drawn by the power of ring which has been locked in a chest by Radaghast the Brown.

Each army was 650 points, I took Arnor, Sam Mirkwood Elves and Rick Uruk Hai from Isengard.

All against all, winner is the person who gets off the opposite side with the ring... 

...who will won?

The Last King of Arnor brings the Kings Guard to seek a ring of power

Lurtz, with his Uruk's enter the field

Sam's Mirkwood elves enter the field with Legolas and Tauriel

"Forward men of Arnor" The guard push forward

The Uruks charge up the middle

The Elves line up for a few rounds of bow fire

Arvedui and Arathorn view the pize

The Uruks split and charge both the men and elves!

The rangers of Arnor open fire on the Uruk Phalanx

Slowly, slowly... The elves edge forward, firing as they go, and decimate the Uruk phalanx

Sam's Dunedain contingent finish of the Uruks on his flank

Despite several rounds of elven bow fire (which thanks to their defense and Malbeth leaves minimal damage), the Arnorians reach the ring at the same time as a few Uruks and Tauriel, the fight is on.

Tauriel fights on both sides, whilst the support is shot away by Mirkwood Elves

The Elves hold, and improve their accuracy 

Rangers hold off the Uruks

The fight for the ring continues with it still locked in the chest

Tauriel fights the Uruks while the Arnor Captain tries for the ring

The ring is mine!

The elves start to push forward, the ring has been found

"FORM DEFENSIVE LINE" The Arnorian's capture the ring of power and prepare to withdraw

The rangers of arnor push the Uruks to attempt an early break through

The rangers take the upper hand

Withdrawing the arnor warriors move back looking for a route to exit the board

Sam's Mirkwood Elves push up to continue to try to kill Arnor with bow fire... which still has minimal damage

Heroic march! The warriors bubble wrap the captain to protect him from bow fire as they push to the board edge

Both Sam and Rick charge everything at the arnor 

Too little to late, the elves line up for more fire

The rear guard break off to hold up the chasing armies

The ring takes the lead and marches forward

The Uruk and Elves struggle to run across the field

Every man to himself

With the Uruks broken and the elves still sat in the middle of the field firing at the men,
the battle is all but lost

Arnor reach the board edge and win the ring and the game

Final thoughts:
I love my Arnor army, they held up really well against the continual elven bow fire and strength of the Uruk Hai. Malbeth was superb and saved nearly every wound the elves managed to get against the men.  The Uruk's divided their force and paid for it, the elves ripped through their ranks and with no fury saves they fell far too easy.  Mirkwood, were too reluctant to get in to the fight and this allowed Arnor to capture the ring and escape to win the battle.

Man of the match:
Quite simply - this has to be Malbeth the seer.  He earnt more than his points value and saved Arnorian's time after time and allowed them to stand firm against the elves sustained fire.

The Hobbit Arnor - Malbeth the Seer with warband of Arnor Rangers
Arnor - Malbeth the Seer

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  1. Great skirmish!!
    This is a very exciting battle report!
    Congratulations :D

  2. Thank you - it was a very enjoyable game. Look out for more battle reports!