Thursday, 27 November 2014

Battle Companies - Crew of the Drake battle 2

"Who are you to deny us passage."
Corsair to Aragorn, THe Return of the King

Fog of War
Following on from their first battle the crew of the Drake find themselves attacked by the Dunlending set on revenging the Corsair attack. With thick fog closing in the Corsairs do not have the time to collect their plunder and have to get ready to fight the returning hunters...

Sulez, of the Drake ready's his men as the fight starts...


The Corsairs on the edge of the plundered town

Captain Sulez leads his men in to a ruin to defend against the returning warriors

Just in sight the Dunlendings rush forward

Along with conscripts 

The Corsairs take cover in the ruins and open fire on the advancing troops

who, also quickly take cover

Fight ya dogs, FIGHT!

The Dunlendings rush in on all sides

Sulez leads by example and kills several Dunlendings

The Corsairs make short work of the Dunlending warriors and the battle is over in no time

Dunlendings are broken and flee, the battle is over

The crew upgraded and with the plunders of war re-board the Drake and set sail

Corsair ship - the Drake

Onward to the next battle!
The two battles against the Dunlendings we well fought and won by the Corsairs.  Captain Sulez and his Bo'son each gained an upgrade, whilst one of his bowmen found a crossbow and is now a Arbelsetor.

The crew drunk on the spoils of victory head of for the next battle...

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